Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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To: Tori Pickens, Sister Markel, Sister LeDoux, Sister Gibson, Sister Burdett, Sister Bishop, Mom, Melissa, Wells, Thornley, Rimer, Prior, Oswald, Martell, Hornbeck, Dad, Brother Tinsley
Howdy y'all!!!
Another week has gone by. Hey, I remembered to email 2 weeks in a row.
I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. This week has been really good.
It's been hot, my companion has been sick, and everyone is going back
to school, but it was still good. Weird how that works, huh?
The transfer is almost over already! In just a week, we find out if we
are staying or going. I really hope that I will get to stay here in
Nephi. I also hope that I get to keep Elder Hamilton as mi compañero.
He has been awesome to work with, and I hope to keep doing so. Anyway,
Nephi is doing great! The work has been slowly picking up these last
few weeks. Next month three people will enter the waters of baptism.
It's been so interesting and so humbling to see the windows of heaven
open in this area. All we did was put forth a little more effort, and
look what happened. I feel like Ammon, who had such great joy in the
work that he was led to boast in his God. I know that the hand of the
Lord is here in Nephi. No matter who it is that is serving here, the
Lord is in control of it all. He will continue to further His work,
anywhere and everywhere on the world.
Love y'all!
Until next week

Elder Miller

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