Thursday, August 20, 2015


To: Tori Pickens, Sister Markel, Sister LeDoux, Sister Gibson, Sister Burdett, Sister Bishop, Mom, Melissa, Wells, Thornley, Rimer, Prior, Oswald, Martell, Hornbeck, Dad, Brother Tinsley
It has been sooooo long since I have written everybody, and for that,
I apologize. I am trying to repent of that.
Quick update: I am still serving in Nephi. I have been here for almost
4 months. I am driving a Toyota Corolla (#no acceleration), and my
companion is Elder Hamilton. He is from Houston, Texas, and he has
been on his mission for 21 months. It has been a lot of fun working
with him.
This area has had its ups and downs since I got here. There have been
times of great productivity, and there have been times when there has
been a bit of a famine. This is one of those times when things are
flourishing. We have around 50 people that we are actively teaching,
with a lot more prospects on the horizon. The Lord is blessing this
area, far more than Elder Hamilton and I have earned.
It has been amazing to see the tender mercies of the Lord as I have
been here, especially during the down times. It was harder to see them
then, but looking back now, the Lord has had His hand in the work the
whole time. It reminds me of, in the Book of Mormon, when Ammon was
giving a summary of their mission to Lamanites. He talked about the
times when there hearts were depressed, and when they desired to turn
back. There have been a few times when I was just about to hit bottom,
and then something would happen; I would meet someone, or teach a
lesson, or hear a talk in sacrament meeting, that was exactly what I
needed to keep going. Often times, those tender mercies come so gently
that we have trouble recognizing them. But as we pray for the Lord to
open our eyes, He does. And then we see just how much He cares. And it
is such a humbling experience.
That is what I have been experiencing the most. The adversary is all
about the noise, the distractions, the bright colors. The Lord works
quietly, gently, sometimes even anonymously. As we serve others the
way that He serves us, we come to know Him better, and we become more
like Him.
I love you all.
Elder Miller

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