Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hello, world! I am grateful for monday emails. It reminds me that the world still exists outside of Cedar. This week has been full of ups and downs. Mostly ups. The work continues to move forward, and it is all we can do to try and keep up. I was able to perform my first baptism this past Saturday! I am so excited for Sister Philips. I hope to see her go to the temple soon.
Our Father in Heaven loves all of us. His arms are extended to everyone, and those arms are only one heartfelt, earnest prayer away. Sometimes, when we feel the distance between ourselves and Heavenly Father, We wonder how we can possibly cross that great divide. But it is the adversary that wants us to believe that the distance is too far. When we open our hearts in humility to Him, then He crosses that divide that we have created, and we can feel His loving arms wrap around us. He is very aware of our struggles, and He wants to help us. Let's let Him.
Elder Miller

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