Monday, March 23, 2015

Howdy, Y'all!
It's spring time in Cedar City! The weather has taken a drastic upturn in the past week. It is time for short sleeves and.... well, that's about as casual as we get. Anyway, its better that the slush that we were in for a couple of weeks. And, this weather means that we have started running in the mornings. :) emoticons are great. people have no idea what your actual expression is.
This scripture has been bouncing around in my head for the past few days. "ponder the path of thy feet". How often do we take time to wonder where our feet are taking us? I am reminded of a talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave, about the measure of a few degrees. If a plane gets off course by even 1 degree, the destination changes drastically. Are our feet taking us where we want to be? More importantly, are they taking us where the Lord wants us to be?
It is easy to get off course. It is easy, when we notice that we are off course, to say "Oh, I'm not that off course. It's no big deal, right?" One degree. That's all it takes. And when we notice that we are way off course, we will (not may. will) be tempted to say, "Why bother? its too late". Brothers and Sisters, Children of a Heavenly Father, it is NEVER too late to correct course. There are legions of angels waiting to help us walk that path that leads to God. We have a Savior, who loves us enough to conquer death and pain for us. 
May the path of our feet follow the path that His feet trod. The path that leads over the mountains of our tribulations, and to the throne of our Father.
I love you all
Elder Miller

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