Wednesday, April 8, 2015

 It snowed last night, and it is cold today.
We are planning on a seeing a couple of our investigators, including
the new one. :) we are super excited about that.
I thought before that I understood missionary work. I thought that I
understood what it means to be a witness of Christ. But I am
discovering just how far I have to go. But instead of being
discouraged, I am excited. The work is difficult, but the blessings
that come from it far outweigh the cost. So I say, let it be hard.
I heard a wonderful quote by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. He said that
some missionaries ask why the work cant be easy. why cant it be simple
to help others come unto Christ? why dont people flock to baptism? But
it is not easy, because Salvation is not a cheap experience {imagine
Elder Holland's voice speaking those words}. Why should it be easy for
us, when it was NEVER easy for Him who made it all possible?
We can all use the Atonement a little more in our lives. We all should
use the Atonement a little more. He paid for this gift with His life.
The least we can do is show our gratitude by living the way that He
would have us live.

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