Saturday, February 14, 2015

First Area!!

Hey, guys,
It was great to hear from you.That's awesome about the Larsens (new home). And speaking of them, let them know that I actually met someone else named Jantzen. Granted, it was a hippie dude in a plaid shirt, but still.....
These past few days have been amazing! I'm in Cedar City now, and my trainer's name is Elder Gordy. He is really cool. He has really had to pick up the slack while I am finding my feet, but he has been totally cool with it. I am learning a lot, and am surprised by the number of people there are to teach. This area is really busy. Of course, this may be due to the fact that we are covering eight wards! The people that I have met are so cool, member and non-member alike. Sister Hunt is like the mom of the Cedar West missionaries. Bishop Neilson reminds me of President Blau, and Elder Levitt (he's an area seventy) reminds me of Bishop Burdett. Several members from the 13th ward are helping us put together a musical fireside for investigators. Everybody wants to help.
Miracles are happening all around. A woman who has smoked for years has quit cold turkey. she is preparing for baptism. We knocked on a door when it looked like everyone was in bed. The family that lives there has been inactive for years, and had no interest in us. Then Elder Gordy offered a prayer over the house. The spirit was so strong, and the mother was sobbing when we left that evening. We have hope for them yet.
Despite how enamored I may sound, the work here is hard. But I've learned that the harder you work, the more the Lord blesses you. In fact, I've learned a lot of things;  I've learned that 30 seconds of prayer can mean the difference between whether or not you have the spirit with you; I've learned that something as simple as a child laughing can make the worst day all right. And I have learned that the Lord truly does guide His missionaries. 
I love you.
 until next week,
 Elder Miller

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