Tuesday, May 19, 2015

er give up

Greetings from Nephi, Utah!
This week has gone really well. It has actually been raining for over
a week here! People must have been praying extra hard, because it is
starting to feel a little humid here. It looks like it might rain
today as well.
We had a baptism on Saturday. Our investigator, was only nine years
old, but I have never met a sharper kid in my life. When he bore his
testimony, the spirit filled the room. He was baptized only two weeks
after we met him.
There was another event this week, very different circumstances but
equally amazing. One of the investigators from my last area was
baptized. She has been meeting with missionaries for five years, and
two days ago she was finally able to enter the waters of baptism. My
heart goes out to those many missionaries who have taught her over the
long process of her conversion, and I thank my Heavenly Father for
them. The scriptures teach that the worth of souls is great in the
eyes of God. I know that this is true. I know that she is a beloved
daughter of God, and that the Angels rejoiced when she was baptized.
We all know someone who is struggling in life. We all know someone who
could be blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we all know
someone who we think will never come unto Christ. But I know that the
Lord sees those people differently. He sees their potential. And He
will never write them off. He will never give up on them. And neither
should we. Those people are precious children of God, and as we come
to truly see them that way, then we can love them the way the Lord
loves them, serve them the way He would, and be led by the spirit to
help them on the long journey back to their Father in Heaven. All we
have to do is never give up on them.
I love you all
Elder Miller

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